How let a user specify a file to store data ?

How let a user specify a file to store data in a report ? I would like to be sure the path and the name are OK. Can I use a standard Window to select a file ? How ?

If you want to use Windows to put up a File-Save Dialog, then the best bet is to use a dataport. No other objects that I’ve found in Navision will support a file dialog like that, unless someone has found a nice OCX to plug in or found a way to plug in COMDLG32.OCX. I’d sure be interested to see that! grin Kristopher Webb Kelar Corporation, Canada

Hi all, looks like that this feature does in fact exist, have a look at the download section… Get/Set filename Using COMDLG32.OCX It’s been developed by Marcus Fabian and it definit Edited by - nilsm on 2002 Mar 27 00:26:16

Hi, take a look at Codeunit 412 “Common Dialog Management”. Function OpenFile should do the job. Roger