How invoice Deleted Sales Shipped order

Hi all,

How can i Invoice Deleted Sales Order that has already shipped? after some modification that we have done , some users have deleled sales line that have already shipped but not invoiced.


Hi Ali,

that’s not the worst scenario. If you still have the Sales Shipments, then that’s all you need. You can invoice them by creating a collective invoice with no adverse effects. The related item ledger entries will be marked as invoiced upon posting.

The only problem you might have is that you still had an outstanding quantity which still needs shipping. But this is another problem; not related to invoicing your shipments.

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Thanks for your replay,

I just need to do that in best way, i created a sales invoice and GetShippmentLine i get a message error : The program cannot find this Sales line. then i tried the Hotfix but nothing changed?

what can i do to fix that?


Hi jglathe;

Problem was solved, i just reinsert the the deleted lines and made modified the shipped qty on the table.

Create a sales invoice > Function> Get Shipment lines > Post the sales invoice.

on the sales order i had > Shipped Qty (i put it manually ) = Invoiced Qty (by the system)

It worked perfectly,

1- Customer Balance is correct

2- Value entry are correct ( Expected & Actual Amounts)