How insert a variable into DataItemTableView ???

Help please!!! I have a questions for Reports!!! I nedd insert a variable into DataItemTable View, I don´t know if it can to do it, becouse i need filter a some data with this variable.

If you are calling the report from code somewhere else, you can set filters on the record variable and pass it to the report. If you want to filter the table with information that the user enters, then either oyu make the dataitem tab available for the user to filter, or you add controls to the request form and then you set filters accordingly in the OnPreDataItem trigger or even in the OnPreReport trigger. Note that the OnInitReport runs before the request form is displays, and the OnPreReport trigger runs after the request form but before any of the dataitems. I don’t think you can use variables in the DataItemTableView property, because I’ve found that the methods I just described have been adequate for anything I wanted to do with filtering. hth

  1. Create that variable as a global on the report. 2) Create a function that get’s a parameter identical to that variable and that sets the variable with the parameter’s value. 3) When calling the report, before calling it as myreport.RUNMODAL, use the myreport.SETTABLEVIEW function if you’re needing to set the main table view record and also call the function you’ve defined with your variable.