How in Closed Transaction Editing Form when we mark one record on what basis the other having opp sign gets selected ?

I want to know technically how this is happening. Beacause as some records got missed i manually inserted/updated in vendSettlement and vendTrans table.

So for particular vendor when i select functions->closed transaction editing form->all -ve values am able to see.(as i inserted/updated in respective tables).

But when i am marking one voucher then all the vouchers get selelcted. So here also i have to do something.

Before that how the standard thing is happening ?

After struggling for last two weeks finally i posted this in forum,if anybody knows this thing the please please do hep me out of this.

You might not have properly updated the TransRecId and OffsetRecId fields properly in the vendSettlement table, which are used by the marking logic. Example: when you select a payment the related invoice(that is settled) need to be selected.

Start debugging from here,

\Forms\VendOpenTransReverse\Data Sources\VendSettlement1\Methods\markTrans

if (specTransManager.existForOtherSpec(_vendSettlement.DataAreaId, _vendSettlement.TableId, _vendSettlement.RecId) == false)


specTransManager.insert(_vendSettlement.DataAreaId, _vendSettlement.TableId, _vendSettlement.RecId, _vendSettlement.SettleAmountCur, vendTrans.CurrencyCode);

_vendSettlement.CustVendSettlement::markOffsets(specTransManager, vendTrans.CurrencyCode, allNew.value());


Hi kranti,

First of all thanks for your response.I’ve already debugged the this thing before posting it in forum but i got no clue.

If possible could you please give some existing example so that i can understand clearly.

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