How i make conusmption to raw material = 0 to purchased item

Hi guys i want to set consumption to raw material in my company to 0
how i set consumption to 0 to specified raw material
I purchasing aggregate with 200000 and details quantity 2000 kg and unit price is 100
I make consumption to 800 kg but details of these 800kg is more than one transaction
Now i want to make consumption =0 how i make that

Don’t understand your question…

Thanks for reply

suppose my company consumption water and sand to produce concrete

i consume or using sand in more transaction

if i want all transaction i consume or using =0 meaning reverse consumption

Are this available in dynamic nav 2009r2


date item qty price amount entry type

20-02-14 sand 50 500 25000 consumption

20-03-14 sand 30 300 9000 consumption

21-03-14 sand 20 250 5000 consumption

how i make consumption amount =0 in quantity and amount