How i know Last Direct Cost( Including Expenses) ?

In Item Card ,there is one Field called Last Direct Cost , that Field giving cost without Expenses . please anyone

Knows , how to take a Last Direct can u tell me how to get it…URGENT , REPORT IS GIVING WEIGTED AVG. COST. I


Hi Kumar…

Are you expressing that there are cost against your item BUT these cost don’t inculde EXPENSES?

When you purchased the Item into stock did the direct unit cost include these expenses?

or was the item journalled into stock if so the unit amount field is used (again did this include EXPENSES)?

FORGET about cost-related fields in ItemCard - these are informative & NOT accurate by design!

LastDirectCost is what it says - cost amount from last ENTERED (never mind what the PostingDate was - if you enter a forgotten 5-month old PO, data will be from there, doesn’t matter newer POs exist) PO/PI, and never includes any additional expenses (Charge(Item), for example).

Accurate costing data can be found ONLY in ItemLedger+Value entries, and ACIE must be run first to collect all expenses/revaluations.