How i can upload New purpose??

What is the essayist way to upload new Dimension (purpose) in AX2009?!!

Your answers is highly appreciated.

i got the answer thanks all

Hey Saleh,

Care to share? How did you end up doing this - I’m sure other people have the same question.

Hi Sir,

First you should have authority on AX2009 specially in Administration.

Go to Administration then periodic then data export/import then Excel then template wizard then it will open for you New sheet, so go next then chose the name & the location of file that you will upload it ( for example name Dimension in desktop ), then chose the Dimension from list then next until you finish.

you will find the file in the location you added in it as per our example in desktop fill all information you wanna uploaded then save the excel.

last step go to administration - periodic - data export/import - Definition groups- search about the file you need to import it- chose - then click on the import

if you did all these steps that you finished your importation.