How I can insert fields in a form?

how I can insert fields in a form of POS.Dynamic

For example a field XXX in the customer form.

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Hi Julian,

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You need to mention which version of Navision you are using and what exactly your question .

This will help the DUG members to answer and guide you properly as well as the solutions given by forum members will help other users also.

To get a really good response I recommend you

  1. Provide as much detail as you can
  2. Provide code snippets
  3. Explain exactly what it is you want the achieve
  4. If your getting an error, provide the exact error message.

Hi Julian,

You open the Form Designer, then you select the field you want to insert from the “Field Menu” and click on the place on the form where you want to insert the field. That’s it! Not that difficult! [:)]

Hi Julian,

Kindly mention which version of NAV you are using. Mention it always.