How far is upgrading successful?

Hi, We have upgraded three of our clients NF-260 to attain-360. But all the upgrades have been throwing errors now and then. Some errors pops up after 2 or 3 months. It also gives porblems while doing new customization to the upgraded objects. What we have observed is that the upgrade of heavily customized database is not that clean as expected. This may be due to our wrong approach of the upgrade procedure or perhaps everbody is running through these porblems after upgrade. comments and suggestions are welcome. Regards

I am also strugeling with an upgrade with a huge amount of “modifications”. I am using the developers toolkit 1.0.1 but the tool somehow misbehaves in such a way that it can not be trusted at ALL. For example the tool did not mark an opbject as having a problem, I accidently stumbled accross the code, and this is what it has done. 3.01 STD 3.01 Cust 3.7 STD 3.7 Future line 1 mod line 1 line 1 no code put here This is a disaster, I cant trust the tool at all. Any one got a methode oor tools one should use to do the merge of code would be appreciated. I wa thinking in line of a new implementation, and re-do all the changes made to the original database. I am open to any sugestions since I have no pratical experience in the upgrade procedure.

Hi, If you do a search on upgrade you will find some really useful threads, particularly those involving my colleague John Small who at times could frequently be found in the corner of the office mumbling to himself and pulling his hair out over the helpful (hmmmmm !) documentation provided by Navision to assist with upgrades. The general upshot of the scenario is that it is far safer to manually make amendments to the standard objects rather than rely on the developers toolkit. Good Luck

Hmmm, thanks Robin. It is fair to say that the upgrade process has caused some concern (mumbling and hair removal included). As Rob has correctly said, search the forums under upgrades and you should find some handy information. In general, the process is not simple and depending on amount of customisation, can become very tricky. The best advice i can give is to plan thoroughly, think about how your current customisation will work with new functions (e.g. dimensions). Remember that changing objects frequently has a knock on effect. Run back-ups often and test as much as you can. Hope this helps some, must get back to my corner now. [:p]Mumble, mumble [:p]… Good luck!

Firstly Harikesh, sorry about the edit, but the word Upgradation has been driving me crazy for some weeks now. Anyway as the the Upgrade process. That is exactly what it is, a process. Most new comers to Navision extensively modify the system, throwing all Navision development rules out the window, then wonder why it is difficult to upgrade. The first thing is that there is no button to click to upgrade. You need to plan out and design each upgrade, as though it was a completely new project. Other wise plan to loose lots of money on the upgrade. The compare tool compares objects, but you can’t expect it to upgrade functionality that is not compatible. When I do an upgrade on a heavily modified system, I use the existing system as a design tool to tell me what changes need to be made to the new version. One further important note: The conversion of code is should be the simplest and quickest part of the upgrade. THe biggest part (BY FAR) is the conversion of data. Keep that in mind, and when you plan 5 days to modify code, and 2 days to convert data, be prepared for a disaster. Always assume that the data conversion will take at least double the time of converting the code.

I have been through that disater experience - not the upgrade itself (this we all could handle), but the after upgrade. After 2 months of the upgrade, customer discovered that their inventory value/costs were skewed. So if you have customer that are using average cost and still having outstanding item entries to wait for cost adjusting (i.e. received but not invoiced), then be prepared to fix their data after upgrading (and to tell you that it is not an easy task at all). I have already logged with Microsoft, but so far they have still not fixed the upgrade objects, may be so busy with other version (version 4). So good luck with the upgrade.