How does navision understands all Italian char's?

I need to Import Data from a text file into navision.The Text File contatins Italian characters… which navision does not interprets properly because Navison undertands only ASCII char’s.

when Navision reads an Italian character,it converts it into some other character in ASCII format and also it inserts some invisible char’s into it…

Is there any possible way to interpret it in the same way as in text file and avoid the insertion of Invisible character…

I am using NAV 4.0 SP1 (Italian version).

I have not changed the code page,navision is using default.Languages used are English (United States),Italian (Italy).

You have several ways

First you must change your default language for non Unicode to Italian. In that you can see correct Italian chars.

1 – Open text file with any text editor and save it with DOS Format, codepage Italian.
2 . Second option is to check this blog

If i try to Read a Text file (character by character using File Object Type) which contains Italian char’s…Navision is not recognizing the Italian char’s…It is showing some other character instead of Original char in text file… This may be because of ASCII format of reading…

Navision, use ANSI format and not ASCII. That’s why I recommended you to use that tool or save it DOS Format.

Hi, Sivaguru

it is not easy to answer your question, since, as you may guess all the Italian text editors and data exchange programs are set to handle Italian characters by default and we don’t experience any problem at all. Anyway I think Muno gave you the best advise. The magic can be done by saving the text in the proper format, which you should be able to obtain using an advanced text editor, such as UltraEdit or… I can’t think of another rigth now, but I’m sure there are many. If you open the file text with a text editor and you see things like à, ò, è… that’s wrong - the characters will be imported badly into Navision. If you see funny things in place of accented vovels, that will work! [:D]

Thanks to all for giving me the valuable information.

I will try to use the tool as Nuno maia said and let you know the feedback as early as possible.