How does multiple/ single line in <Payment Journal> works ?

hi guys,

does anyone knows how does a multiple line(2 line) and single line entry in payment journal works ?


From which perspective - do you mean the difference between using an offset and having a balancing line?

hi adam,

nice one… whats the diff in each?

1.the difference between using an offset

2.having a balancing line

hi adam,

it started when i do bank recon> suggest lines> then i drill in to applied entries> navigate> g/l entries.

i saw 2 lines of entries:
line1) document type = payment, line2) document type = payment
g/l account = bank account g/l account = Trade Debtor
source type = bank account, source type = bank account
debit amount = $676, credit amount = $676
balance accnt type = customer balance accnt type = bank accounthi adam

There is no difference ultimately. Some offsets are defaulted, others will put on a line to balance where there are no offsets. It depends upon the processing, setup and requirements.

hi adam,

someone just told me thats the double entry…

Will it possible for you to paste the entries here.

Yes the double entry is either created line by line from the offset, or arguably as a single line at the end.