How does data encryption work in Nav 2009

Hi - Let me start by stating for the record I am not a developer! My question relates to data encryption within Nav. I believe it was first introduced in Nav 2009 - (although I know that it can be applied to previous versions by the same technology). In my example the bank account details are encrypted. I do not believe that this is anything to do with set up but is it something that can be turned on/off. Is it applied at SQL Db level? Can anyone point me in the direction of where I can read more up about how the encryption is applied etc.


Hi Powerstu,

The encryption is not applied at database level. When we talk about data encryption in NAV 2009, then it means that Dynamics NAV is encrypting the communication between the NAV server and the NAV clients. This prevent someone from intercepting this communication, which is especially important if you run NAV over the internet.

You can read more about the features in NAV 2009 R2 here:

If what you need is to encrypt at SQL database level, then you should contact a SQL security specialist. It’s something which should be handled with out most care, and is in general not recommended.

In general the NAV + SQL user permission setup should be able to cover-up access to who may see data.

Hi Eric

Thanks for this - I will take a look at the documentation. The reason I asked is because I can see in classic that the bank account table the details are encrypted. As you you mention the purpose of encryption is for the transport from server to client. I did have a quick look at the code and it would appear that access is restricted via roles - but I was intrigued how it was encrypted in the table.

Thanks again

So you say that if you make a select * statement against the Bank Account table, then the data it returns are encrypted?
But not when you run any other table, i.e. Bank Account Ledger Entry or customer tables?