How do you make a table in Nav a GLOBAL TABLE? Name 2 GLOBAL Tables in Nav

waiting for Reply…plz share your answers

Can you more clear what exactly you required ? What is meant by Global table ? Are you asking how to create table in NAV?

Mr.Amol thanks For Your Quick response ! What is a Global Table In Nav? Name any two global Tables in nav

I heard of this terminology in SQL as Global Temp Table, but this is the first time I am hearing this from NAV perspective.

I dont think something like this exist in NAV.

Did you mean Common Table?

There was such feature as Common Tables in earlier versions of NAV, I do not know is it still present, haven’t checked.
These were Tables that were common (shared between) to all Companies in one database.

It is a bad idea to use this functionality EVEN for reference tables (e.g. Shipping Methods and like), and by no means you should make Common any master data tables, although this is (was?) possible.