How do you I get a batch job running in 2009 and upgrade it to 2012.

I have batch Job running in AX 2009 and my company decided to upgrade to AX 2012. So now i need to move this batch job as well. It basically deals with communicating with a website (an intermediate) to take orders placed in amazon and then send back shipment confirmation to amazon through this website.

It has a class and several methods in DAX which i created associated with it which helps its accomplish this task.

We can’t give you any advice until you tell us what kind of problem you have with upgrading the code.

Start with explaining what the code does (“communicating with a website” is way too general; it might mean a SOAP service, WebRequest and many other ways). Then explain which part doesn’t work in AX 2012, therefore you have to redesign it.

You can use RunBaseBatch or SysOperationFramework class for AX2012 batch process. And you can use same request handling class in AX2012. I don’t think there could be more impact in upgrading this customization, except field mapping in case if you have any.

you might be have problems with typeid function:…/ax-2012-what-comes-instead-of-typeid.html

Hi. Sorry for the delayed response. I was able to get it running so no worries. Thanks for your interest though. I do have another requirement which popped up just yesterday and I did as a question about it. Will you be able to look into it if possible. I am pasting the URL for it below. Thanks…/90284