How do you delete monthly finance figures?

How do you delete monthly finance figures (Not closing month end accounts…!) of a company when you have multi-company setup?

As far as I know there is no report or any other method available. Currently what I can figure out is to open G/L, Vendor and Customer and other G/L related tables directly and delete records manually by setting up the correct filter. But I am not sure whether this is the correct method…! What are the tables should I concentrate on deleting records if I have no other option…?

And if I am to create a report to do this function, how can I do that…?

Need some help please…!!!

Why do you want to delete? These should not be deleted…

reverse (on so many levels) do not delete.

Once something is posted it is NEVER deleted. As Adam said you’ll need to post reversal entries for your accounts / customers / vendors.

Deleting records is basically changing what your balance was on a past date. If your bank made a mistake on your account, would you want them to delete it or CORRECT it?

Hi guys,

Thank you very much for your ideas.
Actually I was carrying out some test scenarios and I thought deleting finance figures was the solution to reverse back to where I started. Now I figured out that posting reversal entries is the best solution even if that was for testing.

Thank you all for the valuable comments.