How do you cancel a Sales RMA/Returned order?

I’m working with Sales RMAs and am using a disposition code of “Credit Only”. It appears there is no way to cancel either the RMA or the Return order once they are created. Here are my steps:

  1. Create the Return order via Return order details form. Set the Disposition code on the General tab. Once this is set, a new sales order of type Returned Order is created. This is all fine.
  2. Now, if I decide that I need to cancel this RMA and Returned order, it doesn’t appear that there is anyway to do so. From the Returned order details form, the Functions > Cancel Returned order option is disabled. From the sales order (type Returned Order), all of my Functions buttons are disabled so I cannot cancel this order either. Both are stuck in an Open state with no way out.
    How do I close these out or cancel them?
    Thank you!

Remove the disposition code and the cancel option will be returned to you. The disposition code moves it to an open status removing the cancel option. By entering the disposition code it is an indication you have received the stock, because you now know what you are going to do with it, so if you have received it you would not cancel it is the kind of logic here (I am not a fan of the new returns process :-))