How do you cancel a register a pick or a register put away?


How can I cancel or Undo a warehouse pick that has been registered? Same as Warehouse put away that has been registered?

Note: The purpose is to make some changes on the sales order ( reduce or improve the quantity ordered)


There is no direct way to cancel registered documents.
You would need to follow the complete document process including invoice, enter a return order (for everything or parts of the shipment), do a pick and do a credit memo.

Increasing the quantity on the sales order would not be a problem as this would just create a new pick.

In that case, how do you delete a sales order that needs to be cancelled.

If you have to cancel it completely, you must follow the full path of rolling back, as Thomas suggested, no way to simply delete the SO, its too late, too much transactions have been posted already. After that there will be no need of deleting the SO, as the opposite transaction rolls everything back.

Its the same as you can’t physically delete, say, erroneous G/L journal entries - corrections are made by posting new transaction, which nullifies the previous ones. That for is the field Correction in journals, and it posts negative Cr or Db amounts, thus correcting Balance of Account, but doesn’t increase Turnover.

Its called STORNO in accounting, and is a legal requirement in most countries, that nothing ever entered can be deleted - no gaps allowed in entry No sequence.