How do we know that we need to switch from QuickBooks to Dynamics NAV?

I have been using QuickBooks for a few years now. It has been a real help for my business; however lately I have noticed that I am not optimally utilizing the available opportunities because of the limited capabilities of QuickBooks. Is it a sign that I need to switch to Microsoft Dynamics NAV? Will my investment in NAV be worth it?


these are different systems, hard to compare. quickbooks is a very simple system, it’s no an erp system.

the only question that counts for you is: what are your needs? do you have (main) processes in your company, which are not mapped in quickbooks, but should be: sales, invoice, shipping, purchasing, inventorying, customer/vendor/item management, dispatch handling, reporting for all kind of puprposes, what ever.

so check what you really need. you also should talk to a management consultant, who is trained in analyzing business processes and erp systems like nav.

and don’t hurry. it’s a big decision.