How do i upload user id from navision to SQL server without having to create them one by one

Hi Guys’

We have 3 database and there is need once in a while to format the server and install sql on it. I want to know if there is way i could automatically upload user id from navision to sql server without having to create them one by one. We are having many users and creating one by one on SQL could be very cumbersome some time.That is from Security then to logon on sql.I willgreatly appreciate any assistance that could be of help.



Hi Gbenga,

Please don’t import SQL user in Navision table. I will suggest you create user in Navision one by one and synchronize it.

Navision table:

SQL User table: User (ID 2000000002)

Window User: Windows Login (ID 2000000054)

Hi Guys,

Thanks i am not importing sql user id into navision rather i want to bring in navision user id into sql. Whenever we create user on navision there is always every need to create them also in SQL. Whenever we format the server there is need to create users on navision on sql after installation before they can login on navision again. What need is a means to create all the users on sql without having to do it one after the other.



Script out your SQL logins from the existing SQL Server before you remove it. Then use the results to create the SQL logins on the new server. Then restore NAV DB and sync security