How do I show a dimension value in a report?

Hello, NAV developers.

I need help in modifying a report.

I am modifying inventory movement report to show warehouse code in it.

But the warehouse code is not part of any tables the report is using, but part of dimension.

How can I refer to dimension in a report?

In the related form, it is using ShortcutDimCode as Global Variable. Do I need to do the same for the report?

Thank you in advance.

Take a look at the form you mentioned. However that form loads the value into that global variable, you should do the same in the report.

Ideally you would write some sort of function in a codeunit that loads the value. That way you only change one place if the procedure for determining that value ever needs to change.

Hello, Max.

Thank you for the helpful reply.

Could you recommend me a good online resource that would be helpful in accomplishing this?

I kind of jumped into to a role in modifying already running NAV system without proper preparation, so any tips or guide would be great for me.


Look at Report # 205 to see how standard Navision achievs this job.

Read the Report Designer Guide to see how to create and modify reports.

I’m sure there is a link to the documentation on this site.


Thank you for the reply. Jsrak. :slight_smile:

I better do more searching.

Have a good one.

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