how do i set permissions to compile and create forms?

hi frined,

when i tried to create a form using the object designer i cannot save or compile it i get the follwong error:


I use MS navison 2004 SP3 demo version. I use the CRONUS sample database … how do set permissions, so that i could create and compile forms?


What ID did you save it as?

something like 123456

You need to read some documentation before you just try to design things. There are specific IDs you can save to. These depend on what your license contains. There is a PDF called the Application Designer’s Guide that comes on the product CD that you should look at.

Hi Petre ricardo

Before saving check your object ID that should be 50000 to 99999

  • but only if your license permits you to do that. A CRONUS-license does not.

Look at the screen shot which Petre attached.That shows he is able to design new that the problem is heis not able to save