how do i reverse a credit memo

Hi all,

I messed up…

I had to issue a credit memo for invoice 1, but by mistake i issued it for invoice 2.

now i have to reverse this. Please do guide me on this.



Hi Harsya,

I’ve ever met that situation. I found no solution. Then I just invoice again for the goods that have been credited by the wrong credit memo.


Hi Rachma,

If i do this i will have to send a new invoice to the customer.

i have to do this for further correspondence…

in case he wants to returns some items, we my try to issue a credit note on the old invoice.

it may also cause problems in tax…



Create a Invoice and reverse the wrong Credit memo, if you had applied the entries, you first unapply the customer ledger entries of the wrongly posted credit memo before creating the invoice. The new invoice will reverse the wrongly posted credit memo, and the original invoice will be there on the system

hi Rajib Lochan Huzuri,

-how do i check if current crdit memo had been apply to any entries?

-how to i create an invoice and explicitly inform the system to apply it against the wrongly created credit memo?