How do I pass an SSRS parameter value to Business logic data method?

Let say for example I have an SSRS parameter called “Invoice ID:”.

The user then types a value in this parameter box eg “INV200123” and hits view report.

At exactly this point, how would I go about retrieving this entered value in a data method?

I’m crudely imagining something like:

public static string GetParameter(string param_invoiceId)


param_invoiceId = [some code that grabs the parameter value]


Any ideas or pointers?

This is using SSRS 2008 and AX 2009 BTW.

Hi Luke,

If you have resolved the issue in your post, can you kindly share the solution with me.

I have an exact requirement as your post. Hope you help me with this.

hey …can u plz explain in detail…