How do I pass a parameter from a page to a report

I am trying to print a custom report from a specific order in the RTC. The report is working fine but I always have to enter a order number in the form before printing.

How do I print the order that I have selected in my Customer Order List?

I do not have a Developer license but do have access to the Object Designer.

I am user Dynamics NAV 2009.

hi , do you have cside editor (code editor) ?

IF so you can write a code to pass a parameter (as a filtered record)


I have access to C/AL for reports but not for pages. Or do you mean something else?

your using remote processing of the report.

ReportParameter p = new ReportParameter(“PName”, “PVal”); reportViewer1.ServerReport.SetParameters(new ReportParameter[] { p });

Thanks for the replies.

Apologies, I’m kind of new to this.

To be specific:

From the “Posted Sales Shipment” page (130) I want to print a custom made report of the currently open shipment order.

(Print the custom report from this page does work, but I have to manually type the order number in the access form).

Where do I place the code you suggest? As far as I know, I cannot place code in the page side.