How do I Launch Navision session using script?

Can anyone please help? We have a client who wishes to use script in a command file, which is in a timed run, to launch a Navision session and run overnight batch procedures. We have a form is the target of a URL script. The URL is - navision://client/run?servername=yws-conv%26company=YWS%20-%203.60%20Conversion%26target=Form%2086042%26view=SORTING(Field1)%26position=Field1=0(1021)%26servertype=NAVISION - When I execute this from the Start, Run option on Windows XP, it works fine. The client has created a command file containing the URL and is attempting to run it from a dos prompt. It fails with the error - Navision is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. What is need to change the URL into a script that will work please??

I’m not sure, maybe it is as simple as placing start before navision://[…] start navision:// etc.

Hi Nelson, Thanks for your reply, that works. Another thing though, we have 2 versions, V3.6 and now we are upgrading the client to V3.7. When we run this it is always trying to launch the V3.7, do you know of anyway we can command it to launch a V3.6 session? Jan

You could try reinstalling 3.60 after installing 3.70 to make it register as the default client again. Again, I’m not certain on this… sorry. You will have to try it or wait for someone else’s answer.

Hi Nelson Yes, that makes sense, we’ll try that, thanks. Jan