how do I kick someone out from navision financials 2.00 ?


Just a simple and uick question. as superuser what should I do to kick someone out from navision financials 2.00 ?
we have limited number of licenses and sometimes due to workstation lock up and reboot the license stays still taken on the server, so when the user logs on into navision after reboot he occupies 2 licenses.


if you’re using sql there are some scripts

There are other 3rd party software that can help you too (for example)


Or - which is a kind of “dirty” solution - you program it in NAV:

You could create some piece of code - like checking in CU1 if a user tries to logon a second time, or whatsoever - which fires a SHELL command that executes a kind of “process killer”. In the “goode olde 2.something” times we used for this “TaskTerminator” from ZeaSoft (Freeware).

Example function:

SecSetup.TESTFIELD(SecSetup.“Native Taskkiller Program”);
TaskToKill := STRSUBSTNO(’%1 - Microsoft Business Solutions-Navision’, COMPANYNAME);
SHELL(STRSUBSTNO(’"%1" %2’, SecSetup.“Native Taskkiller Program”, TaskToKill));

Of course, this killer has to be executed on the client you want to kick. So you have to put some process, e.g. periodical checking of a certain flag via OnTimer - is there OnTimer in 2.00? - and then force the client to “commit suicide”.

As mentioned, that’s not a nice solution … but a solution …

For a convenient remote management of clients I recommend the tools from ExpandIT

Well for starters, we use native Navision database (ver 2.00 A clients on W1 server software on w2k3-sp1 platform), so SQL script are not an option here. I wouldn’t ask for help if it was SQL :), I could do this easily then, using even SQL console…

To be honest I do not see above post from stryk as solution either… the problem is that the license stays occupied on server when a workstation (with active navision client) makes sudden reboot (e.g. due to power failure) or hangs up (e.g. due to windows system or hardware error), what happens next is a reboot of such computer. However after reboot user takes new navision license from the server and the old session stays opened anyway, so I need somehow to shoot down the old navision TCP session on the server, because by this time user occupies 2 licenses (sessions) - old one with no control from workstation and visible on server through Database/Information/Sessions and new one just opened after reboot.
If anyone know how to kill Navision user session using supersuer priviledges or perhaps it can be done using cmd and navision command line (server.exe) with some switches…


You also have to take into account the old version of Nav you’re using.

There are not that many options. The 3rd party programs work well.

You can’t kill individual sessions on v2.00 client using native database.

3 possible options to consider though…

  1. Look at the ExpandIT client products mentioned in the first response. We have installed these at customers and feedback is very good,

  2. Write a batch file to restart the service (which will reset the session table), this will obviously kill of everyone else and so is a crap option.

  3. Consider upgrading the navision executables to v4.00 which allows the deletion of session records in the native database. If you dont have many clients this is actually quite an easy task (but should still be done by or at least with guidance from your mbs partner).

OK, I understand. anyway we are preparing for technical upgrade (executables only) sooner or later.

Of course I am aware of option 2: restarting Navision Financials service, but… in deed this is a crap option, we have 20 users online…

3rd party soft is not in my interest, just wondered if there’s any solution within navision itself.

Ok thanks everyone for enlightening me :slight_smile:

for what you are asking & not using sql or using 4.0+ and not wanting 3rd party software or chaing CU1 the simple answer is no.

I believe you’ve been given every option avalable but you are looking for another that doesn’t exsist.