How do i Install/Integrate POS into installed AX 2009

Hi Guys,

I am new to AX. Our company develops AX projects for our clients. Now, we are planing to introduce POS to our client. I was given a task to install/integrate POS into AX 2009 which is already installed in our company and also give brief introduction of POS to our team. So pls help me for the following details

1). How to integrate POS in AX

2). Do we need to buy any Licenses or any 3 rd party software to develop projects in POS

3). Any good site where i could start R&D on Dynamics POS for introduction

Thanks in advance

Are you talking about “Dynamics POS” product from Microsoft or you’re thinking about your own custom made solution?

Hi, I am talking about Dynamics POS. I heard its a plugin which has to be added to the Dynamics AX .

OK, i had successfully installed Dyanmics POS 2009 on my system and its working fine with the sample database given by microsoft by default. But now i have to figure it out how to integrate this Dynamics POS to my existing Dynamics AX 2009 . Could anyone suggest me from where to start the integration process…?