How do I get started using the integer dataitem table?

hi to all forum members.

as i am new with navision, so that i am very confused about the “integer dataitem table”.
i have seen that this table is used in a lot of reports but still i don’t know how to use it.
i don’t know what is the main purpose of it.

  1. when should i use the integer dataitem table.
  2. why should i use this table.

your reply is deeply awaited.


Hi Vijay,

This table is generally used for looping in report where you want to print. Basically it like a FOR loop for dataitem where it’s not suitable to loop a table or for looping a temporary table.

Hi Vijay,

The best way for you to understand is to look at an example. Look are report 1 in NAV 4SP3. You can see integer used as a data item in 2 data items in the report. The 1st usage is an ifinite loop (looping through all possible integers in NAV, actually close to an infinite loop), and this loop is terminated by a code in “BlankLineCounter - OnPreDataItem()”.

The 2nd usage is a single loop (loop once only). And this single loop is defined “DataItemTableView” in the data item. In the “DataItemTableView” this data item is filtered with the value of 1. That means it will only run once. If it was filtered as “1…5”, it would have run 5 times.

From the above examples, you can see how integer data item loops are controlled. They can be controlled by code, or by property setting in “dataitemtableview”.

Just like what Dave said, integer on data items are used as a loop control. Actually, if you look at the data items in report in NAV, they are all just loop controls, and all reports in NAV can be written in a single data item with all other data items implemented as variables, but they will be very difficult to read and understand. So, data items are used instead.

Another excellent example of how to use the Integer virtual table is the standard document reports (Sales Invoice, Purchase Invoice, Credit memos, etcetera), these all have two Integer dataitems, one for number of copies and one for number of pages.

Hi Vijay,

Try to create following report in Nav.

  1. Customer List Balance wise

  2. Item List Inventory wise

  3. Vendor List Balance wise

When you are trying to create these kind of report, definitely you will feel the necessity of IntegerDataItem.

Really? So he’s going to create a report, call it “Customer List Balance Wise”, and automatically he’s going to “feel” that he needs an integer dataitem, even though he has no clue what it is or what it is used for? I want some of that magic dust, I have a long list of things I want to figure out [Y]

Hi Vijay,

If any of the above replies solved your problem or answered your question, then please verify his answer. If not please submit more information so that we are able to help you.