How do i fix my production order size and correlate it with planning Engine?

Lets say my net requirement after running the planning engine is 1000 units and my standard batch size is 100 units.

What set up has to be done…so that i get 10 production order line of batch sizes 100 units each. Now when i carry out action message and convert them into firm planned orders i get 10 orders of 100 units each.

I have tried lot-for -lot reordering policy, it converts the requirement for a period into a single order.

I have also tried fixed-reorder qty, here again the planning engine converts the re-order qty size to requirement qty, if the requirement is more than the reorder qty.

In both the above scenarios i can’t convert the planning lines into firm plan orders as per my standard batch size which is 100 units.

Does Navision handle this scenario, if so how?

Anybody out there who could help me?

Thanks in advance.



What version are you on?

Also what other planning delimiters do you have set as it is not clear here.

Is the requirement a lump sum 1000 or does it total 1000 but is spread out across a variety of demand buckets?

Yes it can be done, you just need to set it up correctly!