How do i find out what accounts are updated?

Well the problem is i need to find out all the accounts that are updated when i do transactions ( for example putting and invoice). Is there some whay that i can sort all the tables that are updated when a certain trasaction is done? For example when i put an invoice i need to know all the accounts that are updated without drilling down to each and every account and cheking the entries. Is it possible? Cuz i really need to know exactly what is updated when doing the customization.


Hi Shanil,

This is not possible by using default functionality.
But it might be done as follows…

When ever a posting takes place in NAV, a corresponding G/L Register is created.
A G/L Register contains info about, amongst other things, what the entry no. is on the first G/L Entry created, and the last one.
Use these values to filter the G/L entry table, and loop through the records to find out wich accounts are affected by the posting.
Insert the read values into a recordvar, and do what ever You need with it.

This will only work as long as You only need to know wich G/L accounts are affected, and not wich customer, vendor, fixed asset etc. are affected.
If this info is also needed, You might try to do something fancy with the navigate-function instead.