How do I display in Nav (.net dll Returned Dataset0

Hi all,

How do i display the returned dataset from .NET DLL into a report page in NAV.

I have a dll in .net, It accepts a field called pin in the vendor table and returns a dataset which i am to display on the report page.

Please, how do i go about it???

First thing comes to my mind is treat the dataset as xml data stream and using an XMLport receiving the dataset in order to process it and show the content inside NAV.

Can you please be more specific regarding the dll interface and how do you wanna view the data?

Pls, i am a beginner, Kindly explain your answer to the lowest possible method.

The senerio is: I was given a dll that I will call. It will accept name as a variable and will return a dataset of one datatable

I want to display the returned datatable to the report page where i called the dll from. The way it was returned from the dll.

for example in

It will be like

datagrid.datasource = datatable


I’m sorry but honestly I never faced this kind of requirements, do the data generated by the dll are store in SQL (from where they could be read) or just in a temporary structure?