How do i convert navision naitve server to sql server

Our company wants to change to sql server type for navision, is possible to convert our codes into the sql server option

Yes. Search the Forums and then check the Downloads section for more information.

Check also the documents for hardware and software requirements.

To move your Native NAV installation to a SQL Server, you first mak a backup (*.fbk with Tools\Backup) of your native Database, and then restore that Backup into a newly created SQL-Server Option Database (with Tools\Restore).

As Jonathan mentions, there are a lot of hints about how to set up your SQL-Server on this site, and also the differences in behaviour (you might have to rewrite your code to take the differences in Locking into account). Also take a look at the upgrade Toolkit (there is a document there, that describes the neccessary steps - w1w1upgr.pdf).

David Singleton has also written a useful blog:

thank you for your jonathan

it was useful

thank you Daniel

how do i have acess to the pdf for the upgrade toolkit

also i tried to access David Singleton’s blog but i was told it no long exists, i was wondering if you have a copy of suggestions David

thanks once again


Seems like the link is not working… The Blog entry is on this site. You can find it by navigating to Blogs, where you find “Blogs on this site” down in the righthand corner, from ther Select David Singleton’s Blog, the entry I mentioned is from October 2006.

You can find the Upgrade Toolkit on Partnersource, or you can have a look at the Downloads on this site (there are a few Upgrade Toolkits there).