How do I control permissions for Item Journal Posting?

I’ve been asked to make it possible for certain users to only be able to post certain Item Journals.

E.g.: Is it possible to say: User A can only post Reclass. and Output Journals and User B can post Output and Consumption Journals?

An easy solution would be to create a setup table with fields: “Item Journal Template Name” and “User ID”… Then add something to the Item Journal posting routine like:

Text000 : You do not have permission to post %1 for %2 %3.

IF NOT ItemJnlPostingCtrl.GET(“Template Name”,USERID) THEN
ERROR(Text000,ItemJnlLine.TABLECAPTION,“Template Name”.FIELDCAPTION,“Template Name”);

Does anybody have any better suggestions?

Well if you would like to use NAV features, then you could define several Journal Batches in:

Application Setup->Financial Management->General->Journal Templates

one for each user or group of users based on what journal entries they can create and post, then you could go to user Roles and Permissions and set a Security Filter on Item Journal Batch line (table 233) for example where Name (name of template batch) is the name of that batch that you created for this user(s). Then when it comes to creating a journal line and posting, user can only select this template batch name on the header, which will give him those permissions only that you have specified for that user.

Jay, that makes sense to me. I’ll give that a try and check how it goes and let you know!