How do I consume the Sales Line data entity

I need to display records from the SalesLine table. The SalesLineEntity’s public collection name property is empty.

Can you elaborate your requirement, please? Where do you want to display the data?

The Public Collection Name is related to OData service, it’s not relevant if you want to display the data in a form, export it to a file and things like that.

If your requirement is using OData service, it would have been wise to mention it, instead of just talking about displaying records and consuming the entity.

Also note that the newer version, SalesOrderLineV2Entity, is public and therefore it can be consumed via OData services. Simply stop trying to use the old stuff and your problem is solved.

Yes my requirement is OData service but you when I searched the internet for help, all I got was SalesOrderLineEntity. I’ll look at SalesOrderLineV2Entity and see how that pans out. Thanks…

V2 means “version 2” - it’s a newer version of the same logical entity.