How do I change the order in which payroll prints?

My hourly payroll is printing by first name instead of by employee number. Where can i find the setting to change that?

Hi Julie and welcome to forum,

There is no “setting” for this --or other sorting-- purpose.

Navision report’s sort order is set at design time, besides, it is limited to available indexes (keys).

Is Payroll printing considered a report, and when is design time?

We recently upgraded from 4.0 to 5.0 and since the change, one payroll group prints by Emp number and the other 2 print by first name. Where do you find the index keys for Payroll?

Thanks for your help.


If you’re an enduser, this is out of your control.
Ask for help the Partner company which did the upgrade - this should be a 5-minute job.

I have SUPER rights so I should have access. I did ask my Partner because I expected it to be a 5 min job. But they havent given me a solution in over a week.

SUPER user rights you may have, but that does not necessarily mean you have access to Report Designer.

Does your license include granule 7110 Report & Dataport Designer ? Besides, it might even not be enough, as Payroll is an AddOn - or maybe not in NA localisation, I’m not sure here, as I have never seen NA version.

IF you even have the corresponding granule(s) in the license and thus access to report design, anyway it will be next to impossible for an end-user, knowing nothing about Navision programming, to solve the issue. Forum can’t help you, either - as I said it is not a standard Navision object, but part of NA localisation, only people from US & Canada are familiar with report in question and know on what DB table(s) it is built.

It is a programmer’s job, in your case it really takes 5 minutes, so I wonder why your Partner hasn’t solved it yet, especially, if problem occurred after upgrade - that means Partner has NOT completed the job they were paid for.
Be more insistent asking them - it’s THEIR obligation to complete the job, moreover, in such a simple issue as changing record order in a report.