How do i change DBMS cache on SQL server?

I am run Navision Attain version 3.6 with hotfix 20. I am facing slow performance and dead lock problem. [V]I want to know how do i check DBMS cache and change DBMS cache on SQL server?

Sorry , these are 2 Problems ! 1.) Dead Lock 2.) Cache Size ( I can’t say anything to !) Dead Lock : let me know, what you are doing, that a dead-lock appears

You don’t have DBMS cache on a SQL database. SQL just uses RAM as and whn it needs. Though in Navision it is not possible to have a deadlock (well so it says in the manuals [;)]) I have heard that you can create deadlock code in SQL. As H-D remarks, there is no conection between performance and a deadlock. As to the performance issue, you need to be more specific. Most SQL performance issues come from bad setup or bad code modifications. If you decide to share information about your implemetnation you may get help here on how to fix it. On the deadlock, I would be 99.9% sure that this is due to a mod you have in your system (incorrect use of LOCKTABLE), or an external SQL access that is locking tables.