How do I change a user's email address?

Hi there,

I’ve been searching for days to figure out how to do this so I’m hoping someone can help…

The usernames we have to login to Navision are first name + first inital of the surname, so when the users registered their emails it has automatically come up with those usernames as the start of the email addresses - so for example John Smith’s email would appear as which is incorrect. Our email addresses are

Noone realised this as they were entering their details. Outgoing emails are working, but not incoming.

Is there any way that we can change the email addresses to the correct ones? I can’t find it anywhere.



Hi Sarie,

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There is a Email field on the user setup table which is not on the form as standard which may be where this information is being picked up. The investigate, run the user setup form (Administration → Application Setup → Users → User Setup) and Zoom on the record (Tools → Zoom or Ctrl+F8).

What function are you using the mail in conjuction with?

Hi Sarie,

I might be wrong, but i guess this issue is with Active Directory and not NAV since Windows Logins in Nav copies your account info from AD.

It does not allow you to make any changes here unfortunately, you can only read the infos from here

Thanks for that :slight_smile:

Alan you were right, I’ve just discovered that the emails were set up incorrectly in Outlook & have fixed it now :slight_smile:

Am very new to NAV but trying to give a hand ( as well as get help) from here :wink: