how difficult is Axapta

Hi all, I was reading through some posts regarding the difficulty level of Axapta and X++… I would really appreciate if you could share your experiences with learning to handle Axapta, both getting the know the funcional standard and the development language X++. How much time did you need to gain a satisfactory level of knowledge? What would be recommendable pre-requisits for developers that want to learn Axapta? Thanks a lot. Nils

Hello Nils. Learning X++ is not difficult if you have a true object oriented background. If you haven’t worked with an object oriented language - I suggest taking a class in C#, C++, Delphi, or Java. You also have several websites you can search on that will train you on the web. If you already have an object oriented background or learn object oriented programming then I suggest going to the on-line training site for Axapta. A link can be found on the partnerguide website. The training out there is basic; however, it prepares you for the X++ class. /Michael

What is the closest laguage to X++?

The closest language I would say Java. /Michael