How create the Service Tax code to Claculate In put service Tax & reverse charge in one invoice


As you all are aware that, in most of the Service Tax services Reverse charge is compulsory to pay by the service receiver. if it is 100% no problem at all will create one code and select that code in service tax group while entering the Invoice. if there is a partial reverse charge is there, service provider will charge service tax on 70%, remaining 30% has to borne by the service receiver. in this situation how to create the code which should accept 70% of input charged by the service provider and 30% of taxable service should pay by the service receiver.

please suggest any one


Which version of Navision you are using?

Is all service tax related patches has been applied to this database. ?


We are using Navision 2009 version

Have you updated all patches/hot fixes for Service tax given by MS?