How close Morphx Report (Print on screen) after Printing?

Does anyone know how to do that?

Please help me?

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i want to close this >>>>

after printing >>>>>>

Anyone ?

Report viewer is handled by the kernel. I am not sure if you can get a handle of the report viewer on printer settings form.
If you are able to get that, you can call close().…/reportviewer.aspx

If not possible on printer settings form to handle the report viewer…

is there other way ? as long as they do not print again…

if i recreate this thru SSRS Report? is possible after print it will close the Print on Screen ?

I’m stuck !

Still can not do it :frowning:

I see some post has a similar to my concern.

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Please help me, i spending a lot of time with this closing event :frowning:

Without preview the report u may take a printout directly.
Dialog Form → Options button → Sent to Printer (Specify printer name) → OK

It will always goes to print without previewing the report.

Thank you Amol,

I already thought that to do it, but logically before i print the report i want to see it first. am i right?

you get my point ?

so that i can not do that way.

is there other way?

Hi Kranthi?

i still can not do it. :frowning:

So you telling that this is not possible ??

For reference (to avoid repeating the same things), this question has been discussed also in Control print setting.