How can we create Date wise Number Sequence

Hello EveryOne,

In AX 2009 - One No. sequence can be attached for Transactions - SO / PO / Journals etc.


No. Sequence format should change based on Date of Transaction e.g.:

SO date in Sept 11 - SO nos. SO_0911_0001,02,03…
SO date in Oct 11 - SO nos. SO_1011_0001,02,03…

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Arun Garg

There is no standard way of doing it.

This has been handled in AX 2012. The number sequence framework has been changed to meet the legal requirements and to make it more flexible.

You can get transaction date, legal entity and fiscal period in your number sequence.

Have a look there(AX 2012), how the framework has been modified…

Why? Every transaction has a date and other distinguishable differences, why does the number need it as well - means you have it twice.

I think it is a legal requirement in some countries…(this may/may not be the intention of the poster)

Hi Kranthi,

In AX 2012 R2 as well We didn’t get the number sequence based on the fiscal calendar that was defined in the scope as well

can you please help me how to achieve this number sequence based on the fiscal calendar like ex : Inv001_2013,Inv002_2013. when the fiscal calendar is changed to 2014 then automatically changed the year to 2014

Thanks in Advance.

@Rajendra: Kranthi is right - see Year in number sequence for an example how to use number sequence scopes in AX2012.

It’s also true that this feature doesn’t exist in AX2009 - a code modification would be needed to add date to the number generated from a number sequence.