How can we change Part Caption in Navision Role Center Page ?

Hello Friend,

Today I have try to change run time part caption in Role Center page but I am not able to because we cannot code in Role center page.

I have change caption of linked page, also DatacaptionExpr but not get the result.

Also, Run time change the linked page caption like Currpage.Caption(‘XYZ’).

Can you please give me a valuable suggestion to implement this Part caption in Role center page?

Thx in advance.

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view the properties window. change the property CaptionML.

Hello jonathan,

Thx for give valuable time to check my query.

Yes, We can change this Caption/CaptionML property then change part name in Role center. But in my cash I have required page caption change functionality on run time. Because I have one page and call in multiple place with different caption.

Can you suggest me how can we change run time or apply this caption on Role center page ?

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