How can the sales order allocate the batch number by using FIFO?

I set the items up for using FIFO.

But it doesn’t allocate a batch numer automatically when I make the sale order.

Please, let me know if you can solve this.

Thank you.

Have you picked it? Have you turned on reservations?

Hi, AdamRoue.

Thank you for replying.

The way to use reservations must be enough items in the inventory.

And as soon as a sales order is made, it makes items disable by using reservations.

I would like to allocate the batch numeber automatically when the packing slip is posted without using reservations.

Do you know another way to do this?


The pick will allocate the back number at the registration. If you want to allocate the batch at packing slip it cannot, I believe, do it automatically based on FIFO, but I have never met a business wanting to pull stock on FIFO who do not pick it prior to shipment - why are you missing out the picking process? Also the reservation is made at pick anyway, it reserves the batch, it has to to ensure another transaction does not steal it prior to shipment.

If you want it on the sales line you need to manually select it, or on the shipment select it, although I do not have the software currently, so check it, but the picking process selects the correct batch and then it is confirmed, it is part of why the process was written the way it was.

Thank you for replying again.

I found the sales order menu does not have a function that allocates the batch number automatically. So I am looking for the way to do it on another menu.

The reason why I would like to find the way that automatically allocates the batch number is which the sales man does not know it when he posts the picking list. But the system has to inform the inventory manager of it which he has to know for shipping items. The system should suggest it, do not reserve it. I think this is FIFO. Could you let me know to do it automatically on the shipment or on another menu?

Best regards.

What happens if the stock need to be picked up from two batch numbers???

Because in the sales order lines you can select only one batch number

Hi, Kranthi.

As you wrote, I realized I thought a wrong way to allocate batch numbers on the sales order lines.

Now I am trying to find the way to do it on shipments and output orders.

But I am blocked on that. Because the status of lines on shipments are not changed from activated to sent.

Please let me know how to do it and set parameter up.

Thank you.


Hi Adam,

Im so curious if you find a solution to allocate batch numbers on the sales order lines.


If you turn reservation on it allocates them. So either at entry or pick if you turn auto-reservations off and pick with reservations on.