How can the sales order allocate the batch number automatically for items in AX2009?

just want to confirm, is it possible in AX2009 to allocate batch number automatically for an item(finished goods) in sales order?

Hi Kiran,

Yes. we can allocate batch numbers automatically for an item in SO. For this we need to create Batch number group (Inventory management > Setup > Dimensions > Number groups) and in the Activation tab of this Number group form … you need to select Order activation check box and save. Now go to item master form > general (tab) and assign the newly created number group in the Batch number group field.Once we config, batch numbers will be allocated automatically in the SO.

You mean to create a new batch number when processing the sales order or the system to automatically select an existing batch for the item you are selling?

The first case as Sarathy says, the second should be:

In the sales order line, go to the Setup tab, change Reservation to ‘Automatic’ the same parameter is available in Setup\Parameters\General tab, Default values-Reservation, change it to Automatic so every new created sales order has this setup.

Well the dimension group setting would also have an impact on the reservation at sales entry - which is why we have another on the pick generation!

Thanks to all for your feedback.

My case is second as Hector told, I’m expecting from AX that it has to automatically select an existing batch number for the item when I’m selling that in sales order. I tried this but not working from my end.

Adam you are right there are some setting in dimension group, can you plz share that setting (check box) with me? or better to elaborate those setting that will help me to complete this process.

I believe it is if it is primary stocked for reservations. Set one and then check the transactions across multiple batches.

I tried this once in AX 2009, I only manage to have this effect assigning to the items I want to work this way a Stock model=FIFO I assume it worked this way because AX needs to have a logic of what batch to select, in this way AX will select batch according to an alphanumeric sort based on batch number.

In that occasion the customer wanted to select based on expiration date (without process industries that is not standard) so we defined the batch number sequence to manual, and when the production orders were finished the batch number assigned was expirationdate_productionorder, this way the FIFO model was selecting based on the expiration of the batch

Not sure FIFO matters, it always did it in alphanumeric order, but now you can FEFO do it with Process.