HOW CAN LEARN THE FUNCTIONAL (dynamics navision)

Please let me know how , and where i can learn Navision functionality.

Hi ,

There are a number of book ,microsoft trainings and exams .

Do some work , and play with the product.


Thanks For your valuable suggestion. Please let me know can i get those study material online.


For learning functional of Navision primarily you should know domain/industry knowledge of specific module you want to learn.

As this will help you in understanding the navision process or design as everything is build according to industry process .

You will get Navision process manuals from Partnersource/Customersource. As well as you can check MSDN also.

Dont forget to Press ‘F1’ also while learning the product.

google is also your friend , I seen some training guides on the net before .


Personally I recommend to read some of the books available on the market.

You can get advantage from the current Packt promotion (ANY eBook or video available at just $10):

For example I found really useful “NAV Financial Management” written by Cristina Nicolàs Lorente.