How can I upgrade 3.7Indian ver

hi Friends

our Client currently Has a 3.7 Indian Database . Now they want to upgrade it to 5.sp1 World wide Version.

how can we do that? is it posible to upgrade directly from 3.7 indian to 5.sp1? currently i have the Navision Developers Toolkit 2.00 SP1 is it ok for the upgration ?

We’ve done this exately for one of our clients, You need to map the standards of the two versions and merge the objects accordingly. then you’ll have to change your customizations according to the new merged tables. The only biggie would be the RG Tables. Look out for that.

This is a general methodology i have mentioned here, if you have any specific question i’ll be happy to help.

Hi Satheesh,

Let me try to answer your questions one at a time.

a) How to do: You can Upgrade from a Navision 3.7 DB to Navision 5 SP1 database directly using the Upgrade Toolkit provided by Microsoft.
Please note that Microsoft provides Upgrade Toolkit for Upgrade between same country / worldwide versions of the database. This means, using an Indian Upgrade Toolkit, you CANNOT upgrade from 3.7 Indian Version to 5.0 SP1 Worldwide version.

Still, a ray of hope is that all localizations for Countries is done on the Worldwide version. So, you can safely assume that Indian / Other versions of Navision also contain features of Worldwide version.

b) To upgrade directly from Navision 3.7 to Worldwide 5SP1, you have to Compare both Indian and Worldwide versions for the necessary features, localized functionality and Localized Tables. After you make a decision regarding what to do with data present in Localized tables (In case its present), then Customize the Indian version of the Upgrade Toolkit by Microsoft for Upgrade from Version 3.7 to Version 5.0SP1.
If you do this, you should be able to Upgrade from Indian 3.7 version to Worldwide 5.0 version.

c) Navision Developers Toolkit V 2.00 SP1 will work for the Upgrade. But it is recommended that you use the latest version. You can download the latest version here.

Hope this you bring SOME clarity in your thoughts about your upgrade. Still, doing an Upgrade is a very cautious work. You have to take it one step at a time and make sure that you finish the step completely before moving on to the next.

All the best.