How can I send code escape to the printer?

I don´t know to send code escape to the print. I am designing a bar code report. Please, help me. Sergio

One way is to use a printserver from Axis which can replace income strings with other strings. In that way You can invent Your own “escape codes” and let the print server replace them with real escape codes that the printer understands Have a look at

Try this: define a field e.g. ‘string’ text 30. the folowing statement will put the escape-character in the first position of the field. string[1] := 27; Then print the field.

I have recentley been doing the same task with the TEC range of barcode printers. I found that there is an alternative to using the ascii characters that decreased the amount of C/AL I had to write. In my code, I was able to replace the control character ESCAPE with “{”. Hope this helps.

We have done some reports with barcodes to TEC labelprinters (440 series, I believe) using the free barcode 39 font from It’s called True Type font 39251. That made printing very simple, as the barcode for “12345” can be printed by setting the font of the textbox on the report to the barcode font and setting the sourcecode for the textbox to ‘’ + +’’ John Edited by - John Tegelaar on 2001 Mar 11 02:07:28

Mayer: There are printers available being able to print EAN bar codes. I am pretty sure that Kyocera and OKI (laser and matrix) products can do it. Regards Uwe

Mayer: In the code that I had to create, I had 8 different formats to deal with. This was dependant on the customer group. What I did was all done using the control files ( As discussed in the topic “Zebra Printers”), that was driven by a codeunit. John Tegelaar: When you used this true type font, did you then use this in a report or was it through Control Files ?

Dean, Are you really sure, that you need to send escape sequences to the printer? Did you check all other possibilities? That are: * Use TrueType fonts for Barcode and create the Label as normal Report * Use an ASCII Control File * Use a WinWord template For example: Would you be able to create and correctly print a label using WinWord? Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872

Dean, We made plain reports for all labels to be printed (not too many different sizes at this customer). Just needed to set the Font properties of the textbox on the report to the barcode font. Very convenient, because that way we also can print a barcode on i.e. shipping docs and picking lists. Try downloading the font from the link I gave and run a few tests with it. John