How can I send an image from NAV to word using stylesheet tool?


I’m trying to send an image from NAV to Word using Stylesheet tool, but I’m not able to. As an example, I want to send to Word a sales quote and have the logo printed in Word, from the Picture field of the Companyinfo table 79. Using StyleSheet Tool, I can select the Picture field as field to be exported to Word, I can select this field in the Word template document, so all seems to work. But when I use the template, instead of the logo image I get only an “*” (asterisk) in the Word Document.

Is there a way to make it work?

I need it because I want to print sales quotes in Word, and sales quotes have the Users’ signature, so I need to select dynamically an image to send to Word.

Can anyone help me?


Use this tool, it;s very nice…you have to basically design the things…

Indeed, I’m using exactly the product you advised me. Only, I’m using 1.0 version. But as I see in the list of new features, there is nothing about image managing. Are you sure that new version works fine with images?

Go to Style Sheet Card
Create new Code…Let say Test
Description test
Form No. 21

In Subform select table 18 & 79
In below button select some fields in both tables.
& then create Mail Merge.
Here first put your image file in (just copy it & paste)
& the design the mail merge using insert merge field. (use can also import any style sheet if you have)

Now once you done it will ask to save & then covert it to style sheet say yes

Now to go customer card & then go to Send to option(last one) & then in microsoft word ->style Sheet->select test(newly created one)

Now go back to customer card & then click on word(CTRL+W)

I agree with tou that what you describe works correctly, but unfortunately it is not what I want. Perhaps I didn’ explain correctly the functionality I want to implement:

I want to have a single template in which, depending on blob fields containing images in NAV, an image or another is printed in Word.

Don’t think about the logo, I used a not correct example. Think about a sales quote, in which I vant to print code, description and IMAGE of the items. In this case The image cannot reside in the template, it needs to be sent from NAV, as if it was a simple field like the code or the description of the item. So, as you know, is there a way to do it?