how can I return a returned transaction on RETAIL POS

hello every one I have a problem need your help please

  • before few days back one cashier had a problem occurred on his POS terminal, while he was trying to complete one customer transaction , the problem happened when he recall the sales order every thing was normal until the payment type until the payment type has to be insert there suddenly the system is hanged and closed abnormally , after that when he tries to recall the sales order again he is unable to choose credit card payment to correct it, the message is appear there “the tender is not valid” this message appear only on this transaction , I have checked the transaction history report on the system I see that the transaction is done(posted) with 0 amount paid from the customer , as a result i am unable to complete the procedures for this sales order , what can I do to fix this matter?

can I insert his amount on client AX ?

any reply or help will be highly appreciated.