How can i make a window function to stay a bit on the screen

Good day,

please can someone enlighten me how i can make this function to stay on the screen for a while


Why would you want to keep it open?

You normally call a Window.Open, do some processing, then call a window.close.

The processing in the middle is normally either “Long” or “Variable” in length, and you using the window to provide positive feedback to the user that the system has not crashed or hung.

So why would you want to keep the window open longer than needs be?


IF (you want a window to pop up, stay on the screen for a while, then disappear without any involvement from user) THEN
“The answer if no.”;

Use a window that use the Trimer trigger…
and insert CurrForm.CLOSE; in this trigger

well, I would use the sleep function, but I am trying to find out if there is more to this request.